Learn online courses from home and let opportunities knock your door.

Anytime, anywhere learning is the concept of offering training to participants when they want it, using the technology they prefer. Trainees can use any electronic device like laptop, mobile, tablet, etc. to get the training. We will now check the benefits of anytime anywhere learning.


It encourages student initiative

Once a student has searched for information, they show interest in learning and are much more likely to continue to engage with the learning material. Combining the ability for students to get the learning they need through the method, place, and time of their choice ensures that your students have all the tools they need to enthusiastically tackle their assignments. A survey was conducted on more than 1,000 U.S. workers, 87% agreed that having access to training information anytime, anywhere is important to getting their work done.

Be flexible in a changing culture

There is no single solution that meets the needs of all learners in all groups. By providing a scalable training structure that is independent of time and location, it has created a flexible solution that will work for employees for years to come. Mobile learning is flexible and can be adapted to any situation and learner preferences. While internet coverage continues to increase around the world, there are many places where Wi-Fi is not readily available or where there is no internet connection, especially in rural areas. To get rid of this problem, courses can be downloaded for offline access, giving staff greater flexibility in terms of time and location for offline use.

Provide staff with the support they need

If students are trained in a typical classroom environment but do not receive reinforcement or follow-up training, they may forget 80% of the information they learned within 30 days. There is nothing worse than feeling unprepared for an important meeting or performing an expensive task with mistakes. With any training, anytime, anywhere, your employees get the information they need, when they need it.

Allow trainees to use the facilities they prefer

Anytime Anywhere Learning leverages employee preferences and allows them to access training on the device of their choice. Studies show that 80% of people use smartphones and that this group looks at their phones over 200 times a day. If your employees choose their smartphones as a training device, you may worry that they will be distracted by games or social media. This concern is based in truth - your students are using them to play games and browse social media, but that doesn't mean they aren't an effective training tool. If you allow students time at work to complete mobile learning, you can limit their use of off-topic activities by setting clear parameters for your employees on what activities are not allowed during that time.