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Business Analyst Healthcare

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Business Analyst Healthcare

Business Analyst Healthcare Training

Business Analyst Healthcare is responsible to identify the requirements for accessing the effect of capturing, and documenting needs and then ensuring that those necessities are delivered by supporting the business from the implementation process. Healthcare IT refers to the use of computer software and hardware that deals with the sharing, storage, use, and recovery of healthcare data for decision-making. Health IT offers a framework that describes the comprehensive management of health data across computerized systems with the safe exchange of data between providers, quality entities, government, and customers.

Course Overview

Business analyst healthcare training is the communication between all business areas and they are beneficial in the success of a project. Business analytics is a combo of Business Intelligence, Computer Programming, and Data Analytics. The healthcare business analyst course is the science of examining data for learning patterns that are beneficial in making strategies. The field of health is very essential for the healthcare business analyst certification needed for healthcare and hospitals that help in managing and operating a wide range of operational and clinical information systems.

The Business Analyst Healthcare Course covers several topics such as fundamentals of Business Analysis, the role of business analysts in an organization, modeling techniques, data models, types of requirements, and many more. During the online training, you will also learn about the importance of the role of a business analyst, how to examine stated requirements with a description of modeling techniques, how to validate and verify requirements, how to plan requirements activities for a project, and many more throughout the online training. In the online training course, you will also work on many projects and industry case studies that are based on this online course. When you will complete this online course, you will be proficient in all the concepts of Business Analyst Healthcare Course.

BA Certification Key features

  • Project work will be provided during the Business Analyst Healthcare
  • The business Analyst Healthcare tutorial will help you to understand the concepts in-depth
  • Business Analyst Healthcare interview questions will also be provided
  • Get the answers to your queries 24/7
  • Practice test sessions for business analyst healthcare training will be held
  • Practice interview sessions will make you proficient for jobs related to Business Analyst Healthcare

Who should take the Business Analyst Healthcare Course?

The BA Healthcare Training can be taken up by Business Analysts, project managers, IT business analysts, healthcare professionals, and many more.

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Course curriculum / Syllabus

Business Analyst Course Basics
  • Introduction to Business Analysis
  • Importance of Effective Business Analysis
  • Business Composition and Architecture
  • Roles and Responsibilities of a Business Analyst
  • Need for a Business Analyst
  • Standardization and Adaptability
  • Importance of Communication/Collaboration
  • Project Team
  • Business Analyst importance
  • Business Analyst Career Path
Business Analysis Deliverables
  • Requirements
  • Data Flow Diagrams
  • Use Cases
  • User Scenarios and
  • User Stories
BA Tools & Healthcare Tools
  • HPQC – ALM
  • Visual Use Case
  • Enterprise Architect
  • FACTS Overview
  • EMR System Overview
Industry Overview, Healthcare Reform, Healthcare Acronyms
  • Healthcare in USA and Canada
  • Major sectors of the industry
  • What is healthcare reform – basics
  • Health Insurance Concepts
Types of Insurance
  • HIX Provision
  • Exchange and its concepts
  • What is a state-run and Federal HIX?
  • Different functions of the exchange
EDI & Claims
  • What are EDI transactions?
  • What are EDI implementation guides?
  • What are EDI Companion guides?
  • How to read them?
  • How to write EDI requirements? What business rules do EDI transactions follow?
  • What is an EDI transaction?
  • What is claims lifecycle?
  • Who pays for claims and what is the provision of transmission?
  • What is Revenue Cycle Management
Healthcare Small Topics
  • What is ICD?
  •  Why ICD-10?
  •  What are CPT Codes?
  • What are HCPCS codes?
  • What is HCFA-1500? What is UB04 Form?
  • What are NCQA standards?
  • What is MMIS of CMS? What do they do?
  • What is conversion?
  • What is data mapping?
  • What is ICD-9 to ICD-10 crosswalk?
  • What are the online conversion tools?
  • ICD-CM versus ICD-PCS ◊ Clinical Unit versus Procedure Coding System
  • Medical Loss Ratio
  • Pharmacy Benefit Management

Business Analyst Healthcare FAQ’s:

1.Are there refund conditions?

Yes, if you are not satisfied with the demo courses, your registration fee will be refunded.

2.Will I get a high salary?

Yes, depending on the position you hold, you will receive a high salary. Your knowledge will allow you to be promoted and receive a salary increase.

3.Will the healthcare business analyst training affect my career?

Yes, healthcare business analyst training will help you learn different concepts. You will be able to use this knowledge in your job and get high salary and promotions.

4.Are you providing interview questions business analysts in healthcare?

Yes, we provide interview questions for business analysts in healthcare.

5.Can you provide a mock test and interview?

Yes, the company provides practice test and interview opportunities.

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