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Quality Assurance

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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance certification is very essential for knowledge and to maintain compatible quality in software development industry. Quality Assurance is a process of quality testing which makes sure that an organization (or) firm provides best services and products to their clients as their expectations.

Course Overview

Several IT companies look towards candidates who have certification in Quality Assurance. There are some significant certifications regarding Quality Assurance such as ISTQB, CSTE, CAST, and CSQA. The candidate who has certification in Quality Assurance is an advantage to their Qualification. In this program, the candidate will learn how to detect and remove errors from the software during the development of the software. Candidates can be able to understand the life cycle of manual testing.

Key features-

  1. Analyzing the documents and building the products
  2. Reviewing the documents
  3. Testing and Verifying under Quality Assurance
  4. Quality Assurance is used to identify the vulnerability in software development.
  5. Applying risk analysis and reusing test ware to perform more precise testing in less time.
  6. Measuring the quality of the system and Software Quality Assurance (SQA) effectiveness.
  7. Performing design tests that detects numerous errors in less time.

This course can be learned by the freshers and also experienced IT Professional can learn such course to enhance their skills set. If the candidates are from Non-IT background can also learn this course.

  1. Quality Assurance can be used to fulfill the requirements of front-end and back-end processes in very sufficient manner.
  2. The products can be delivered on time and with-in budget.
  3. Learn about software testing topics such as Test plan, Test cases and further significant topics.
  4. This certification will provide you to interact with IT industry leaders.
  5. The team of professionals will ensure that candidates can understand the detail knowledge about software testing.
  6. This certification will provide an opportunity to all its candidates to work on live projects.
  7. This certification will give you command in Software testing.
  8. This certification is productive and an enhancement in the candidate skills.
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Course curriculum / Syllabus

Introduction of QA
  • What is Software Testing?
  • How to Conduct Software Testing?
  • Dynamic & Static Testing, Software Testing Job Titles and Software Testing Job Responsibilities
  • Manual Testing Process
  • Manual Testing Job Responsibilities
  • Software Test Lead Job Role, Software Tester Job Role and Automated Tester Job responsibilities
Manual Testing Overview
  • Introduction to Manual Testing
  • Phase of Software Development Life Cycle
  • Software Development Life Cycle Models
  • Software Test Levels & Software Test Types
  • Software Testing Life Cycle
  • Software Test Planning
  • Software Test Design & Test Design Techniques
  • Software Test Execution and Software Test Closure
  • Phases of Software Development Life Cycle
    • Requirement Gathering
    • Analysis
    • Design
    • Coding
    • Testing
    • Release & Maintenance
  • Gathering Requirements & Analyze,
  • Prepare Business Requirements Specification
  • Prepare Software Requirement Specification
  • Design of Low Level and High Level on the basis of SRS
  • Coding based on Software Design Document
  • Testing according to QA & Testing Team and Delivery of the Product
  • Deployment in Customer Environment and Software Maintenance
Software Test Levels
  • Software Test Levels
  • Types of Testing:
    • Unit or Component Testing
    • Integration Testing
    • System Testing and Acceptance Testing
    • Component or Unit or Program or Module Testing
    • Component Integration Testing after Unit Testing
    • System Integration Testing Integration Testers
    • System Testing on integrated and complete system by Independent Testers
    • Acceptance Testing, Alpha & Beta Testing
    • Operational Acceptance Testing and User Acceptance Testing by Customer Representatives or End Users
  • Phases of Software Testing Life Cycle
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Software Test Planning
  • Software Test Design
  • Software Test Execution and Software Test Closure
  • Software Test Planning activities
  • Risk Analysis
  • Test Estimations
  • Test Strategy Documentation
  • Test Team Formation and Test Plan Documentation
  • Software Test Design activities in Software Test
  • Life Cycle
  • Derive Test Scenarios
  • Test Case Documentation
  • Test Scripts Preparation and Test Data Creation
Domain Knowledge Basics
  • Describe and Define Banking
  • Describe and Define Insurance
  • Describe and Define ERP
  • Describe and Define Healthcare
  • Describe and Define ECommerce
  • Common QA questions asked in an interview
  • How to answer the interview questions
  • Mock Interview
  • Any Questions
  • Tracking the next -- Resume and getting a job

Quality Assurance FAQ’s:

1.Can beginners join Quality Assurance training?

Yes, the beginners with basic knowledge of software development can take training of Quality Assurance.

2.What are the quality assurance methodologies?

It is defined as the strategies and types of testing which deploys the software as per the expectations of clients. Hence, waterfall model and agile model are some of the methodologies of quality assurance.

3.What is the quality assurance plan?

It is the process which makes sure that the data meets particular data-quality objectives during the data lifecycle of the software product.

4.What is the salary of QA engineer?

The salary of Quality Assurance Engineer in United States is $70,827.

5.Difference between quality assurance and quality control?

Quality assurance ensures the quality of services and products whereas Quality control makes sure that the software products fulfills the needs by testing and reviewing its functional and non-functional requirements.

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