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Our courses are based on theory and practical. We will provide theoretical classes and will also make arrangement for practical classes. In some of the cases you will have to install a software application. We will give access to the server so that you can run your application and become perfect in doing practical. We will also provide real time examples which will help you in learning the concept of the course.


Database courses

If you have opted for database courses, we will provide you the software like MS SQL Server, Oracle, etc. We will tell you how to make databases, tables, keys, indexes, and many other things. After the completion of the session, we will allow you to do practical so that you can also create the database and its components.

Programming courses

We are providing programming courses. We will provide the whole environment where you will be able to compile and run the source code. You can take up any course like Java, Python, R programming, etc. and we will provide real time examples along with the environment to do the practical.

Designing courses

In the case of designing courses, we will provide you the software applications like Photoshop where you can practice and make various types of designs. We will explore all the concepts of designing along with the tools and features available in the designing software.

Testing courses

Testing courses will require testing tools where you will have to test the code written in different programming languages. We will provide you the testing tools where you can test the code and remove bugs and errors if any.