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MCSE Online Training

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MCSE Online Training

MCSE Online Certifcation

The full form of this MCSE certification means Microsoft Certified Solution Expert. It is a top-level certification course for software & IT-oriented network professionals.

Students and professionals with a working knowledge of the Microsoft Windows & Server 2003 platform can go for this training & certification program.

It is made up of seven MCP or Microsoft Certified Professional programs or Microsoft certifications such as Microsoft Technology Associate or MTA certification, Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate, or MCSA certification.

Getting certified in this online course will qualify you to administer & design intricate networks on the Microsoft platform & support desktop PCs running Windows XP Professional.

This certification also enables professionals to maintain servers using Windows Server 2003 due to a specialty that covers topics such as Exchange Server 2003, SQL database & security.

Course Overview

The 21st century belongs to hardcore software professionals such as MCSE or Microsoft Certified Solution Expert or experts.

They are a new breed of professionals who don’t need completion of a degree program. By acquiring knowledge & experience through MCSE online certification, they can deal with products such as Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, 2003 XP, or Microsoft operating system.

For IT students & professionals, it is a recognized certification program that verifies their knowledge and expertise on some of the most popular Microsoft products & services. with MCSE online courses.

Employers or top multi-national companies are always searching for MCSE online training individuals who are capable of administrating, deploying, operating & optimizing Microsoft-based technology solutions in enterprise scenarios.

Now let’s go through the different types of online MCSE certification  of 2020-21, which are as follows:-

1. MCSE: Business Applications

This certification provides career-oriented professionals with the expertise to work & manage Microsoft Dynamics 365 technologies.

2. MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure

Professionals enabled with this certification can understand the skills required for managing an efficient & modern data center.

3. MCSE: Data Management & Analytics

This certification validates the skills of professionals in SQL Administration, building enterprise-scale data solutions & making the utmost use of the business intelligence data, both on-premises & in-cloud environments.

4. MCSE: Mobility

MCSE Mobility Certification will enable certified technicians to manage devices in enterprises holding on to bring-your-own-device (B.Y.O.D) environment.

5. MCSE: Productivity Solutions Expert

Getting trained & certified in this online exam will certify your skills in moving your organization’s operations to the cloud, thus increasing user productivity & flexibility, data loss reduction, and enhancing data security.

Who Should Take The MCSE Online Certification?

To get eligible for this MCSE certification, candidates must have at least two years of work experience using Skype for business.

Through this course, learners will know how to organize Skype for Business Server, Computation of Skype with Windows Server & configuring storage technologies.

Moreover, students should have command & experience in hardware & networking.

Now, here are some of the best reasons & benefits why professionals go for MCSE certification are as follows:-

1. MCSE training online & certification open opportunities to different other areas in the IT sector such as getting specializations in the corporate structure of the server, private cloud, applications, SharePoint, data platform & the possibilities are endless that comes with this certification.

2. Through MCSE certification professionals can update their skills because of technology changes and IT experts who are working in the field should be always aware of new advancements. Any assignment related to the MCSE will only confirm that you have a grip on the latest Microsoft technologies that will help you to complete the task more.

3. IT professionals certified in MCSE training online always stay ahead of others. They get jobs & promotions more & than others. Besides that, the MCSE certification salary of a professional is $96, 215 per annum. 

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Course curriculum / Syllabus

Implementation of MS Windows 2003 Professional, Network & Server (70-290) & (70-270)
  • Introduction to various types of file system
  • Introduction to windows 2003 network, XP-professional
  • Administration of windows 2003network
  • Network scope examination of windows 2003 server
  • Introduction to LAN & WAN
  • Concept of Networking topologies
  • How to examine IP address (Class A, Class B, Class C)
  • OSI Reference Model
  • Connecting XP professional & in windows 2003 server Domain architecture & workgroup
  • Creating &managing Local Users & Groups
  • Printers configuration (a) Local Printers (b) Network Printer
  • Configuration of Raid levels (Raid level 0,1&5)
  • Know about  Encrypting file system (EFS)
Implementation & Administration of MS Windows 2003 Directory Services (70-294)
  • Introduction to Active Directory Services (ADS)
  • Active Directory Services Configuration by using DCPROMO
  • Implementing of Active Directory with DNS
  • Creation of Domain Users
  • Implementing Group Policies
  • Creation of Organizational Units
  • Moving Domain Users into other Organizational Units
  • Configuration of software Deployment using Admin pack (Group Policy)
  • Configuration of delegating administrative controls
  • Configuration of Distributed File System (DFS)
  • Creating Multiple links in DFS
  • Network Drive Mapping for accessing DFS from client
  • Configuration of Terminal Services at server side
  • Configuration of Remote Desktop using Terminal Services
  • Introduction to Trees & Forest
  • Introduction to Domain & Domain
Implementation & Administration of MS Windows 2003 Network Infrastructure & Desinging (70-291) & (70-293) Disk Quotas
  • Introduction to Disk Quotas
  • Applying Disk Quotas
  • Setting Default limits
  • Deleting user’s Quota Entries
  • Applying log events
  • Tracking Disk Space Users
  • Adding new quota Entries
  • Denying disk space to user DNS Installing
  • Concept of DNS(Domain Name System)
  • Servers Integration of DNS with ADS
  • Configuring a new Primary server
  • Managing Forward lookup zone
  • Managing Reverse lookup zone
  • Adding records in zones
  • Creating Associated Pointer Records in zones
  • What is DHCP(Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)?
  • Installing DHCP
  • Creating Scopes
  • Configuring DHCP clients
  • Configuration of address Pool
  • Configuration of address lease
  • Updating DHCP statistics
  • Assigning exclusion Range from a scope
  • Assigning Reservation for Particular client
  • Installing IIS
  • IIS Configuration for websites and ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) Configuration
Microsoft Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Services Designing & Enabling Routing in Network Infrastructure & Remote Access
  • Introduction to RAS (or) PPP Server
  • Configuration of RAS Server
  • Configuration of RAS Client
  • Assigning Permission for RAS users
  • Introduction to NAT Server
  • Introduction to VPN Server
  • Establishing VPN Tunnel between two Networks
  • Configuration of VPN Clients
  • Introduction to tree & Forest
  • Introduction to Additional Domain Controller
  • Planning & Configuration of Additional Domain Controller
  • Introduction to Child Domain Controller
  • Configuration of Child Domain Controllers
  • Removing Child Domain Controller
  • Introduction to ADS Backups
  • Introduction to tree & Forest
  • Planning & Configuration of ADS
  • Restoring ADS backup in ADS restore mode
  • Restoring ADS backup in normal mode
MS Exchange 2003 Server & Adv. Exchange 2003 Server (70 – 284)
  • Introduction to Microsoft exchange 2003 server
  • MAPI clients, LDAP standards
  • What are Public folders?
  • Pre-Installation consideration(HW/SW Requirements)
  • Post-Installation Consideration
  • Managing Storage Groups
  • Creating a storage group
  • Store creation(both mail box & public store)
  • Moving a Mail Box
  • Deleting Mail Box, Public folder, Storage group
  • Retaining Deleted Objects
  • Public Folders
  • Understanding Public Folders
  • Managing Public Folders Trees
  • Creating & Deleting Public Folders
  • Exchange Internet protocol server & virtual services

MCSE Online Training FAQ’s:

1.What is MCSE certification?

The MCSE certification is the highest level of certification provided by Microsoft & provides all eligible learners with the opportunity to develop specializations related to MCSA level certification.

2.How much does Microsoft office specialist certification cost?

Exams related to MCSE certification or Microsoft Office certifications are administrated at third-party authorized testing centers such as QTS Info. For every aspirant, the cost of the exam is around $100

3.What is the difference between MCSA certification & MCSE certification?

The MCSA certification & MCSE certification are two of the most well-known & trusted levels of certification. When it comes to difference, it's huge. MCSA is an entry-level certification & MCSE is expert-level certification.

4.What is MCSA windows server 2016?

MCSA windows server 2016 is a certification crafted to show mastery of the skills necessary to help & administer Windows Server 2016, including their installation & implementation of storage solutions, Hyper-V & Windows containers.

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